Individuelle Illustratoren Beratung
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My starter's package:

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• Examination of your collective projects and individual work

I perform preliminary examinations of your material in digital form to keep both economic and ecological costs at bay. You may select individual images representing the scope of your work in as much variety as possible.
I will ask you to send reasonably-sized files in a .jpg or .pdf format. If you plan to present a picture-book, please send text and images in a separate file.

• Written evaluation of the results
The evaluation includes general assessments of style, visual grammar, and composition. I also provide detailed assessments regarding your individual strengths and what I consider weaknesses. In case you can already present a finished picture-book, I offer advice and recommendations with regard to suitable publishers.

• Personal Consultation on the phone
I perform individual consultations on the phone. Face-to-face meetings are welcome but would have to be at your own expense. I provide the written results of my evaluation as a basis for my consultation.

The services listed here are intended as a basis for consultation. They should provide you with tips and tricks to assess and successfully improve your work as an illustrator regarding your book project and your application with publishers.

A more in-depth consultation exceeds this considerably, because it aims at drawing up a comprehensive presentation for publishers. This requires a different time frame, which I will be glad to determine during a preliminary consultation.


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